PUBLISHING: Issue 35 of Tharawat Magazine – Special Feature on The Pursuit of Happiness

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3 Brilliant Examples Of Content Marketing To Inspire You
18th June 2017
Tharawat Magazine Issue 36
PUBLISHING: Issue 36 of Tharawat Magazine – Special Feature on 21st Century Leadership
27th November 2017
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Tharawat Magazine Issue 35

What makes us happy? It is a question that has baffled philosophers, artists, academics, and probably every human being on earth throughout history. According to the 75-year longitudinal Harvard study led by George Vaillant and Sheldon Glueck, human happiness in the end centers largely around good relationship with others, and love. In the special feature of Tharawat Magazine’s Issue 35, we have taken a closer look at how family business owners define happiness, how it links to their relationships with family members and why it is connected to the impact they have on their stakeholder’s lives:

Dr. Lucia Ceja, happiness consultant and family business academic provides a foundation on the science of happiness and why we have to focus on finding our own recipes towards fulfilment. Panamanian brothers Omar and Simon Otalora share the story of their family business Procomon & Associates and what the role of purpose and belonging is in the pursuit of happiness. Finally, San Francisco chocolate company Guittard’s CEO Gary Guittard explains why happiness can only come from accepting unhappiness and what it means to champion the cause of high-quality chocolate around the world.

Our 35th issue includes many inspiring conversations with family business owners and experts, starting off with a feature section that combines over 300 years of ownership between currency printer Crane & Co. and Southeast Asian family enterprise Jebsen and Jessen. Younger in years but in no way less adventurous in their exploits, Peruvian husband-and-wife team Jorge Aranguri and Rosario Bazan show how they built their agribusiness on the values of equality and opportunity in our profile section.

The fastest growing startup in Europe is Flixbus a booking platform for bus travel. We spoke to Daniel Krauss about his founder journey and the disruption of the transportation industry. Also in the Entrepreneurship section the story of Saddelback Leather a US-based leather product brand that focuses entirely on the philanthropic impact its profits can create.

Also in this issue, we gain expert knowledge on hot topics in the field: Andreas von Specht tackles the non-family CEO issue in his interview with us and gives insights on how to lessen the pain of one of the most daunting recruitment decisions a business family can face. Dr. Leila Bouamatou gives us an inkling on the new opportunities and the many sacrifices of female successors in francophone Africa. Finally, Prof. Nadine Kammerlander explains how German family businesses face the challenge of digitalisation and how academic support is given by the WHU Chair for Family Business.

Enjoy the read!

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Ramia Marielle El Agamy Khan
Ramia Marielle El Agamy Khan
Co-Founder of Orbis Terra Media, Editor-in-Chief of Tharawat Magazine