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PUBLISHING: Women in Family Business is back and it is so exciting!
22nd March 2017
Tharawat Magazine Issue 34
PUBLISHING: Issue 34 of Tharawat Magazine – Special Feature on Digital Strategies
10th May 2017
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Producing and publishing content is no longer a privilege reserved to the few. It has become the prerogative and, in some cases, the responsibility of every person and company. Whether it is used to motivate your co-workers, engage with your community, or simply promote your products and services to new and existing clients, Content is your #1 ally in achieving all those goals.

We are Orbis Terra Media

…and we believe in the power of good content above anything else. As a team dedicated to producing high-quality content every day, we know the influence that can be gained by creating the right kind of narrative for your brand.  In fact, it is our goal to make every business and every person realise their potential “content-wise”. In short, we want to make sure your story is told. Because, content, is what we know – by functioning both as an independent publishing house in our own right and an outsourced Content Studio for others.

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OTM – The Publisher

Content should always be three things: relevant, engaging, and true! The OTM publishing team exemplifies this philosophy through our three publications which are entirely dedicated to the subject of family businesses and multi-generational entrepreneurs:

  • Since 2009, Tharawat Magazine has covered the stories and lessons from family businesses and entrepreneurs around the world. With our quarterly print issue and daily content on our website, we are providing inspiration to more than 3 million readers a year.
  • In 2014, Women in Family Business was founded as the first content portal to focus entirely on women’s roles in and around enterprising families and their success. WIFB is a global initiative that offers an opportunity for women from all over the world to share their thoughts on matters relating to the family enterprise and sustainable business practices, connect with their peers, and contribute to the creation of a strong community.
  • Family Business Arabia provides content on family companies from around the world. It is the first Arabic content portal on this topic. The importance of promoting the sustainability of family businesses cannot be overemphasised in the context of the Arab world where at least 85% of the private sector is composed of family-owned companies.

OTM – The Content Studio

We will say it again: We want EVERYONE to be a winner content-wise! That’s why OTM operates as an outsourced Content Studio for individuals and organisations who believe in the power of the right narrative to engage with their stakeholders. Today, the world’s leading brands have turned to content marketing for reasons ranging from customer engagement and retention to brand building and sales conversions. However, launching an exceptional content experience for your brand can seem like an insurmountable challenge. This is where we come in: From the inception of a tailored content strategy to the actual production of all formats ranging from articles to podcasts, to video and more, our Content Studio is here to make your story come alive.

Good content has never mattered more! If you agree, get in touch for a conversation and subscribe to our Blog to get inspiration on how to get your story right.

Ramia Marielle El Agamy Khan
Ramia Marielle El Agamy Khan
Co-Founder of Orbis Terra Media, Editor-in-Chief of Tharawat Magazine