1st December 2018
good listening good content

Better Content Creation Through Better Listening

In order to be a great content creator, you have to have empathy. This means you have to be a good listener and be able to understand peoples concerns, assimilate them, and […]
2nd October 2018
Newsletter 3 Automation

3 Steps to Becoming Friends with Automation 

Anyone who frequently creates content knows that it can involve a lot of repetitive tasks. The good news is that the age of automation is here, and it is here to […]
18th September 2018
Newsletter 2 - 20_80 Content Rule

3 Tips to Respect the 20:80 Content Rule 

Creating content can be a time-consuming task. When after what seems like ages a piece of content is finally ready, it can feel like we have achieved our goal. It is […]
13th September 2018
OTM Newsletter #1_ How To Implement A Data-Driven Content Strategy

Implementing a Data-Driven Content Strategy – Where to Start

We have access to more data about our customers and their preferences than ever before. Compelling and relevant content is like a magnet for that data and can help you […]