Ramia Marielle El Agamy Khan

27th November 2017
Tharawat Magazine Issue 36

PUBLISHING: Issue 36 of Tharawat Magazine – Special Feature on 21st Century Leadership

In times of fast-paced change we look to our leaders for vision, values, and confidence. The beginning of this 21st century has undoubtedly brought radical change to our lives and […]
8th September 2017
Tharawat Magazine Issue 35

PUBLISHING: Issue 35 of Tharawat Magazine – Special Feature on The Pursuit of Happiness

What makes us happy? It is a question that has baffled philosophers, artists, academics, and probably every human being on earth throughout history. According to the 75-year longitudinal Harvard study […]
10th May 2017
Tharawat Magazine Issue 34

PUBLISHING: Issue 34 of Tharawat Magazine – Special Feature on Digital Strategies

Through the rapid development of digital technologies, business owners face a time of change and of seemingly endless possibilities for reinvention. Clearly, the future of business belongs to those that […]
11th April 2017

We Are Orbis Terra Media And We Want To Tell Your Story

Producing and publishing content is no longer a privilege¬†reserved to the few. It has become the prerogative and, in some cases, the responsibility of every person and company. Whether it […]