3 Brilliant Examples Of Content Marketing To Inspire You

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3 Brilliant Examples Of Content Marketing To Inspire You

The conversation about content marketing is not a new one anymore. Yet, there are still many that ask the question as to its actual value. In its essence, content marketing focuses on engaging consumers with consistently delivered high-value content that generates trust.

Major brands, instead of pushing products with blatant advertising, use content to build relationships with their clients at every stage of a transaction.

Over the years, content marketing has seen a phenomenal rise in adoption and with significant results. The B2C Content Marketing 2017 Benchmark results reveal that more than 86% of businesses surveyed use content marketing.

About 60% of businesses in North America are now committed to content marketing, and over 25% of these companies are already very successful with their approach.

Here a few examples of brands that excel in their content marketing strategies:

GoPro: Winning With User Submitted Videos

Go Pro - Winning With User Submitted Videos

Testimonials are good. Video testimonials are excellent. But what do you get when you have a worldwide customer base of adventure-seeking adrenaline junkies who use products, create content like videos, and submit them every single day?

What happens when a potential customer looking for a small, compact, and versatile camera looks at any of those videos pouring in by the thousands per day?

GoPro knows. With more than 6,000 videos submitted every day and a fan base of more than 3.2 million subscribers on YouTube, GoPro has a content strategy that brings in the best of social proof and a powerful content strategy that banks on its wild and adventurous customer base.

Users become evangelists; content marketing goes up several notches when it comes to branding and drives ultimate profitability for the companies that benefit from it. GoPro – in addition to its massive YouTube subscriber base – also has several hundred thousand subscribers with alternate channels such as World, MX, and GoPro Tutorials.

GoPro is also a brand that puts content first before commerce. The company doesn’t want you to jump to the next “shop now” button. It wants you to share your videos with the rest of the world.

By taking the resistance to “shop” away, GoPro puts customers’ interests first. Upload your GoPro video, share, watch, see what others do. This makes the company authentic, fun, and trustworthy.

It’s inevitable that you’d be inspired to own your GoPro one day, and it’s not surprising.

HeadSpace: Driving Subscriptions Through Content

HeadSpace - Driving Subscriptions Through Content

Quick question: How hard or easy is it to sell “meditation”? As if selling itself wasn’t hard enough, niche services like Meditation fall into “lifestyle choices”, and with usual frictional points we all have such as “I don’t believe in that”, “I have no time for it”, selling meditation is harder than it should be.

For Headspace, though, it’s not a problem at all.

HeadSpace is an app that helps, motivates, and guides your meditation habit. Thanks to its blog, however, the app focuses on content that touches on everything from meditation itself to managing your relationships, relieving yourself of stress, handling major life events, and more.

By focusing on providing content that addresses a lot of pressing lifestyle issues most people have with the blog, a strong community on social media, and a podcast, HeadSpace managed to rack up about 100,000 followers on Twitter and a 210,000+ strong following on Facebook.

The result? More than $50 million in annual revenue, valued at $250 million by Forbes, and the app has been downloaded more than 11 million times as on January 2017. With more than 400,000 paying subscribers, HeadSpace is looking to continue growing.

Whole Foods Market: Good content makes boring “Interesting”

Whole Foods Market - Good content makes boring “Interesting”

You might be forgiven to think that content marketing – as a strategic initiative for business growth – makes sense for businesses in the “interesting” sectors such as Marketing, FinTech, Technology, Fashion, etc.

Who would have thought that something as bland and boring as a business that deals with “food” could also bring in success with content? “Markets” are associated with rushed coupon campaigns, aggressive selling tactics, and more.

Whole Foods Market brings beautiful photos related to food and recipes front and centre. As with other examples of content marketing here, the company brings in a visual blend of photos and the power of compelling content – in the form of recipes, tips for healthy eating, and more content.

Whole Foods Market obviously amplifies everything it publishes through its fast-growing social channels too.

With more than 1.8 million followers on Instagram where the company shares other food recipes submitted by its community on top of its content. Whole Foods Market is big on videos. With more than 53,000 followers on YouTube, the company runs a series of videos on cooking, food trends, sourcing “behind the scenes”, and more.

All of that content to bring customers into its stores.

What do you think about the success of these companies with some of the most brilliant examples of content marketing? Do you have any content marketing examples you can share? Tell us all about it.